About 2 years ago I heard this song that I really liked called "Eclipse Philosophy" by Bedrockk.  I looked everywhere for this song, but couldn't find it anywhere.  Of course I eventually found it.  I liked the song so much I made a no budget music video for it and sent it to Bedrockk.  He liked it, maybe not as much as I did, but he liked it nonetheless.  I told him I was moving out to California and if he was anywhere out west then maybe we could link up and make some pictures or videos.  Coincidentally he had also just moved out to California and was psyched to do some work together. Anyway, that was about a year ago and we have since became friends and last weekend we finished our 3rd shoot together.  

As I have developed as an image maker so has our friendship, allowing us to make better pictures together.  This last shoot was by far our most successful and I just wanted to share a few images from it!

We also made some pictures outside.

And I guess this post wouldn't be complete without showing the video I made for Eclipse Philosophy.  Keep in mind that this was a NO BUDGET kinda production here.

Checkout some of Bedrockk's fresh beats below